FALCONS PARENTS – Together they build a stronger flock

Again with full passion to bettering the joy of kids playing the sport they love and cherish, Falcons Parents meet with a strength of over 20 participant to share views on how to substain and improve the state of Falcons Hyvinkää.

Chairing the meeting Terhi Puukka formally introduced the new chairman of Falcons Organisation Vesa Jokinen with passion and hearted promise of new developments ahead.

It is already looking like a better team as plans to improve the communication between parents and coaches were presented. Easy as it is, social media groups will be setup to directly link coaches and parents. There they can inform coaches of the absence of their kids to training or any other situation that they would like to share.

This will also provide avenue for parents fast interaction such as request and coordination of car-polling amongst others.

Another point of discussion was the upcoming Junior Tournament “FLOCKBOWL I” to be held on 30th July 2016. Request for help from parents and players to make this a success was largely emphasized. Other neccessary preparations such as membership fees, player kits, color of game pants, will be communicated to the parents in time for the next season.

It was indeed a productive meeting as more parents took roles in the Falcons Organisation and pledge to working togther to making a better and stronger Falcons.

Posted on March 17, 2016