First of many

Building a team from ash poses as much challenges as expected when the team is an American Football team. Surprises lies on every corner and the motivation is a virtue to behold. This is true as Falcons men look to come back into the SAJL radar from the division IV level with an expectation that in few years they will be a force to reckon with.

Slowly the recruitement started during the winter and the summer has given some light that the Falcon will rise again. There has been many interested players, visiting player and passionate players looking to help keep the team hitting touchdowns. Most of the players fall into the group of visiting players, coming to training once or twice with promises of love for the sport and the team but unfortunately have not been standing with the team.

Despite the short comings of prospective players, Falcons men including the future men from junior under 17 player have summored their love and strength, taking into the first game of the season with visitng Mayhem from Rusko. It was a friendly game for both teams as they look to compete in the current season as the champion of division IV.

It was a tough game for the Falcons and a wakeup call for the season up ahead. Considering the status of the team and the strength of Mayhem, it is considered a good game and the experience obtained is priceless for the players and the coaching staff. Some players were missing out from the game due to training injuries which also gives a glimpse of hope that the team strength will increase with incease roster.

It was a sunny day wth few fans watching and cheering up the team into the fort coming season. Yes Falcons men will rise again and this season will be the stepping stone into the future of the sport in Hyvinkää and a promising junior team look towards the future of a strong adult team waiting for them to take over.


Author Rays

Posted on May 25, 2016