A Gaia Green Start

Waking from the green as the sun shine brightest, Falcons ladies were hosted by their neighbor Huskies Ladies and welcomed into the season 2016. It was a game to look forward to after the intense training during the winter months. The team has grown in strength and skills and long awaited a befitting challenge.

The game started slow as expected for a first game for both teams but soon picked up pace. Both teams filled with experienced players acknowledge the importance of taking control of the game as early as possible. While rookies learned from their team mates and stayed up to speed as expected, the game welcomed touch downs from both sides.

Summing up to 20 points for the Huskies and 32 points for Falcons, the breath taking game ended with victory for the visiting team. It was well deserved win and thanks to the coaching staff for their strategic input to the game and keeping the Falcons up ahead. The dedication of the team has increase over the years and the game’s victory can sure be attributed to team filled with passion to be the best.

Author  Rays

Posted on June 1, 2016