Falcons U15 in Porvoo

Falcons U15 juniors raided in Porvoo – Alfarage and Loimuneva assured victory

Hyvinkää Falcons’ U15 junior team on a Sunday 28.05.17 journey to Porvoo was a raid when Falcons managed to overcome Porvoo Butchers in home town. The American football match ended with Falcons’ victory at 14-58 (14-36).

The Hyvinkää Falcons went to the side with a very narrow player list due to flu and injuries. An important player is Abdulwahidi Alfarage. He got a warm praise when he got back home. In the defense line and in the starting team, he played hard from beginning to end.

The same was done for the entire Falcons team. Falcons took the first two points on his throw-in to the end zone, and Butchers were able to keep up the pace. However, Butchers’s scoring came to a halt and Falcons point began to grow further. Eetu Loimuneva, who has played in the middle of the race, has a number of powerful trophies that exclude the victory for the guests.

Falcons added his lead in the second half of the match with two touchdowns and halting the Porvoo. As a result, Falcons had a clear victory.

The next time, Falcons will play a home game against Jyväskylä Jaguars

Author Don Pehu

Posted on June 3, 2017