American Football

This is a highly team oriented sport originating from USA. It is played by two teams ranging from five to eleven players depending on the division. The teams consists of an offense team which control the oval-shaped football in an attempt to advance down the field by running or passing the ball; and the defence team which aims to stop the offense advancement and take control of the ball. There are set rules enforced by the referees depending on the division. Points are obtained by advancing the ball into the endzone or kicking the ball through the goalpost. During games, players must be fully dressed with regulation outfits such as Helmet, Mouthguard, shoulder pad, Gloves, Pant Pads, Boot, …

The game is played in a rectangular field with Y-shaped goal post at both ends. The dimension of the field also varies depending on the division. Basic rule of playing is for the offense team to gain at least 10yard of field space with 4 downs (tries) else the defending team gets the ball and an opportunity to cover 10 yards in 4 downs.

Common postions of players are: QuaterBack(QB), RunningBack(RB), WideReceiver(WR), OffensiveTackle(OT), OffensiveGuard(OG), Center(C), TightEnd(TE), NoseGuard(NG), DefensiveTackle(DT), DefensiveEnd(DE), LineBack(LB), DefensiveBack(DB)[CornerBack(CB), Safty(SS)].

Men Team

Hyvinkää Falcons Men. Getting stronger by the season, the high and low governors is the highest men division of Hyvinkää Falcons. Helping the Falcons Juniors take flight, it stands as a destination team for the Juniors.  Falcons Men will take flight again for the season with skilled player as well as rising junior players united for the love of sport.

Ladies Team

Hyvinkää Falcons Ladies. Holding steadfast at the SAJL league, the ladies of the sky awaits the season with a birds eye view. This is the highest Hyvinkää Falcons team for the Ladies and a team to look forward to joining for the Junior Ladies. Getting better each passing season, the Ladies look forward to the season for fun and victory.

Junior Teams

Hyvinkää Falcons Juniors. This a community within a community where young minds come together and develop team spirit and brotherhood. Using a common language widely know as JEFU, they unit towards the same goal... literally.

U-17 Team

Hyvinkää Falcons Under 17 junior team. This is currently the highest team for Hyvinkää Falcons Juniors with the possibility to play with the Men team as well. They look forward to the season to play with great strength and skills.

U-15 Team

Hyvinkää Falcons Under 15 junior team. Filled with young players with hunger for every game, it is the highest mixed team of Hyvinkää Falcons. Featuring in SAJL division I, they look forward to this season with great anticipation.

U-13 Team

Hyvinkää Falcons Under 13 junior team. Filled with young promising players, it comprising of enthusiastic players. They unite towards winning together in this season.

U-11 Team

Hyvinkää Falcons Under 11 junior team. This is the lowest division team of Hyvinkää Falcons. This season will be an offseason for the team. U11 players will be playing with U13.