Hyvinkää Falcons is a community lead amateur sport team dedicated to uniting the community through the love of sport. Established over three decades ago, Falcons have helped spread the knowledge and skills of the game of American Football and handball to Hyvinkää and its neighboring communities. The awareness of these communities have increased tremendously as reflected in the teams category involved in the sport. Hyvinkää Falcons provides tutelages for kids as young as eight years and for adults with no age limit. Having team categories, under 11 (U11), under 13 (U13), Under 15 (U15), Under 17 (U17), Ladies and Men, Falcons make sure that anybody can get involve in the sport with no age or gender limitions. Its has been a great pride to nurture kids over these decades as they transition from one category to another. Families are united, friendships are developed and community of sport enthusiast is maintained and managed.


The dawn of autumn 1980 (August 1980) with the hype of legendary sport American Football, the Northern  Newland Falcons ry was founded and introduced to the northern hemisphere. It was a slow start as expected for such a  demanding sport but Falcons soon kicked up to high speed in May 1981 when their first gears as donations from American high schools were received. With the hightened spirit, Falcons participated in the SAJL League games coming up at 6th position at the end of the season. Falcons retained its position for the coming season 1982. The future looked bright when Falcons went against Turku Trojans for the priviledge to represent Finland at the Rose-Bowl in Paris. It was the talk of town when Falcons came up with the victory but soon ripped off them when SALJ sent Turku Trojans to represent Finland. cont…


Our priority is to educate people about the game of American Football and handball. Provide instructions and skill set for player to excel in and out of the field as an American Football or handball player. Provide conducive environment to develop skills, friendships and unity among people and community. Help develop physically and mentally the values of competitiveness and strives of success. Apart from the commitment to sports, Hyvinkää Falcons also look to creating a sustainable establishment that can withstand the test of time and continuously grow from community to community. Looking into the future, Hyvinkää Falcons stand to provide its players an opportunity to become world class professionals, play at the highest competive level and develop the team as a professional sport team.


Hyvinkää Falcons ry

c/o Vesa Jokinen

Yhtiönkatu 8, 05800 Hyvinkää

email: info@falcons.fi

phone: 044-5400097

Business-ID: 2607699-4

Business-ID: 205.531

Team: Hyvinkää Falcons

Home Field

Perttula Field

Field type: Natural grass

Address: Vaiveronkatu 70, Hyvinkää

Phone: 040-534 9495

Locker Room:

Available 1,5h before kick-off


Voluntary payment

Home Field 2

Kankuri Field

Field type: Natural grass

Address: Torikatu 20, Hyvinkää

Phone: 040-0260169 / 040-5104195

Locker Room:

Available 1,5h before kick-off


Voluntary payment