Q: What is American football?

A: For short, its a team sport played at different levels with a team size starting from 7 to 11.

Q: What are the rules to note to understand the game?

A: Easiest way is to learn the terminologies such as defense, offense and read more online.

Q: Where is Falcons home field?

A: Perttula field – Vaiveronkatu 70 Hyvinkää and Kankuri Park – Torikatu 20 Hyvinkää.

Q: How many teams make up Hyvinkää Falcons?

A: As of season 2016 –  7 (Men, Ladies, U17, U15, U13, U11, Men handball).

Q: What is the experience level to join the team?

A: No prior experience is needed as this is an amateur sport team for everyone.

Q: Can a person with no prior sport experience participate?

A: Yes, team training includes physical and mental training starting from basic level.

Q: How exposed to injuries can a player be as a beginner?

A: Proper gears are available and teams are of similar level, injury potential is negligible.

Q: How often is the team practices?

A: Average of twice a week.

Q: What are the needed equipments?

A: Helmet, mouth guard, body gear, pant with pads, shoe.

Q: How expensive is the sport?

A: It is an hobby / amateur sport, it is considerably inexpensive.

Q: How can I try out and become an American football player?

A: Contact the team leader of your age group for practice attendance. If you do not have your own equipment, contact Vesa Jokinen for rental equipment fitting before the first training session.

Q: Where can I buy equipment of American football?

A: From the Internet can be found many shops that sell accessories. Our club uses TMS football shop in Helsinki, with a good understanding of the right kinds / sizes of equipment with high-quality service.

Q: At what age can not start a game of football?

A: American football can be started when a child wants to try and he/she feels ready. Hyvinkää Falcon is an amateur team from U11 with the youngest players as young as 8 years old. In adults, the upper age limit does not exist, but in general the sport will be less than 30v. At the moment, the oldest players are more than 40 years.

Q: Is the American football an expensive hobby?

A: Football is a hobby and not so expensive when compared to other hobby sports. The cost varies from season to season and from age group to age group. For season 2016 Hyvinkää Falcons membership fee is 25 € and season fee is € 225-285 depending on the team. It also includes the license and insurance (mandatory) € 73 – € 598 depending on the age group as well. Equipment Prices start from approx. € 350 while the max is up to € 1,000 of which helmet is the single most expensive option but also the most important. It is good to know that they can be found cheaper at pre-used shops.

Q: Is it dangerous to play American football?

A: Football is a contact sport which comes with knocks and injuries. Serious injuries are rare because usually players have the same level of experience and build and also the equipments are developed at a dizzying pace. Practices and games also have strict rules to ensure unnecessary abuse of the game and ofcourse there are  judges that are closely monitoring and enforcing the rules with penalties to rule breaking teams.